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Get A Team Of 9-Figure Marketers In Your Corner This Q4 To Maximize Every Dollar Your Spend On Paid Ads
Video below shows why HemonX improves your scaled ROI from ad management, increases your client LTV, and builds repeatable bottomline profit using a systematic process to profitable advertising.

How Confident Are You In Your Team To Generate Record Numbers This Q4?

If you hesitated just a little, let me show you how you can have a team of marketers by your and your teams side to ensure you CRUSH Q4 and beyond.

Watch the short video below to see how this program can help you ROI on your paid advertising unlike any other program on the market.

If You’re Just Looking For Another “Facebook Ads Course” - This Isn't It

“If all you have is a hammer, then everything looks like a nail”

This should be the quote you hear before onboarding in a traditional ad coaching program. Because the reality is…

You’re getting information from an expert button pusher, to teach you and your team how to be an expert button pusher. 

Only for the tactics that helped those buttons to work break down next week, and you’re left high and dry. 

We Leave Spaghetti Testing At The Door To Say Hello To A Trusted System That SCALES.

Because my mission isn’t to make you a great “Facebook™ ad buyer.” My mission is to make you and your team a full-stack marketer that can operate on ANY platform… and know before you’ve even started a campaign that you are going to WIN. 

How can I do that?

I build savages. Full stop.

My name is Ashton Shanks, and I’m a media buyer. 

I’m also a father, husband, marketer, CEO (2x), and at my core… I win not because I know how to push buttons faster or better than another “ad coach of the day” 

But because I pair direct response (high performance) marketing, with high quality decision making, and pair it with a structured campaign approach….

… that works on any platform.

I've vetted this approach...

... to the tune of $6million/spend per month through my agency - Hemon Media Group. And I’ve doubled vetted it by running this strategy for everybody on your newsfeed, like:

Cole Gordon

CEO of 7-Figure Selling Academy

Eddie Maalouf

CEO of 4Media Marketing

Dan Henry

CEO of

Tanner Chidester

CEO of Elite CEOs

Colin Wayne Erwin

CEO of Redline Steel

CEOs of Shopanova

Joshua Johnston

CEO of Hydra Consulting

Austin Hauge

CEO of Austin Hauge Fitness

Ryan Stewman

CEO of Apex Entourage &

Anatolii Labinskyi

CEO of Golden Stream Media

Trevor Larsen

CEO of True Freedom Marketing

Nolan Fisher

Head of Marketing at Outsourced Doers

The following might make you M.A.D. (AND your whole team!)

I can teach you and your team to improve efficiency, increase your own client LTV, and accelerate ANY ad campaign you run by going MAD. 

Not literally of course. Instead, it stands for a 3-phase approach that turns any marketer or media buyer… into a full-stack marketer without any of the setbacks.

Mindset →

Mindset →

Let’s face it, media buying is a TOUGH job. And performance marketing will quickly separate the wheat from the chaff. Our goal here is to get you or your team operating from a consistent base so that your performance is consistent. We’ll spend more time here than elsewhere as we instill high performance functions. Really, we want to get your decision and execution aligned with your gut, brain, and heart. That’s a repeatable process you can rely on.



Ah, the place where everybody else starts. But it’s just the middle of HemonX. So what’s the hack here? Honestly it’s psychology and sociology. We study crowds, and that’s why we can scale ads faster. We’ll delve into copy, funnels, and strategy by reverse engineering a successful launch strategy. Then work through each in granular detail so it’s repeatable and scalable for you.

data →

data →

No, no - you don’t need a Ph.D in statistics, nor an MBA in business, but you will need to know your numbers, rules, and spreadsheets. Honestly most of which you will receive from us. Our goal is that you can read and respond to data that allows you to make future decisions that have positive ROI effects. Advertising can be like predicting the weather. So we’ll dive into decisions, rules, and mental models that help you read and build the path ahead.

We even certify you (or your team) so you you can guarantee high quality performance

By following our processes, and working right alongside our team for 17 full weeks, I’ll personally certify you and/or your team as full stack marketing experts. 

You’ll rest easier knowing you have the marketing edge you need – or any platform – to win in ANYsituation you come across. 

Hard agency client struggling to scale? → Following our “sandbox” to 3 phase decentralized account formula.

Not keeping your clients long enough? → You’ll naturally start improving results which increases your clients LTV, OR increases your backend retention or upgrades.

Business struggling with high CPAs? → Utilize our multi-step plan to LOWER platform risk, rebuild your audiences, and use multiple platforms to lower your costs

Plus When You Join HemonX You Get Immediate Access To:

Mass Intensive Copywriting Training →

Mass Intensive Copywriting Training →

Win on the funnel level, creative level, and ad level. All platforms (Facebook™, YouTube™, TikTok™), and work with our world class copywriting team who test every level of funnel and ad campaigns for repeatable success.

Trusted Ad Strategies That Repeatably Win →

Ad Strategies That Repeatably Win →

We live and die by one concept: “How do I know, before I’ve EVEN run or written my ad, that I’m going to win.” So you’ll discover our 2x2 formula, our 80/20 & 64/4 Method, and decentralized account strategy to maximize your immediate ROI.

Data-Driven Media Buying Principles →

Data-Driven Media Buying Principles →

Sandbox phase → 3 Phase Decentralization → Phase 3: CBO + Minimum ROAS → Phase 3: ABO Super Scale → Phase 3: AccSpend Scale. Follow this to launch, deploy, and scale. Plus, our trainings teaches you how to pull back, and restrategize from a rough start.



Remarketing principles to build an ecosystem ALL over the net. You’ll hunt through our objections framework, to deploy ALL angles across ALL platforms.

High Performance Habits v2 →

High Performance Habits v2 →

You’ll work through our trainings from our own personal performance coach who helps you dive deep into your own biology… to rebuild powerful habits, maintain performance (never crashing), and improve health in a high performance environment.

Weekly Calls with Our Experts →

Weekly Calls with Our Experts →

Copywriting, Media Buying, CRO, and Q&As. Set goals, hit targets, hold yourself accountable, and reach higher levels of marketing performance.

Dominating Every Platform -

Saying Goodbye to iOS Scaling Woes - All in 17 weeks. Here’s how…


(Mindset & High Performance)

Meet the team, start building your team’s foundations, and start winning. Understand how to structure your day and week for optimum output (without the weekend burnout). Plus, homeworks we track to ensure you’re seeing results.


(Marketing Foundations)

Rework everything you know about marketing from the ground up. Instill true, and long lasting direct response marketing principles into your operations, and lead from the front with what your clients and customers want. We’ll dive deep into psychology and sociology here to truly understand the needs of your market.


(Launching: Funnels & Copy)

Work through and systematically breakdown what makes consistent high performing marketing work (instead of swiping, and using push-button media buying just to see your campaign die a few days later).


(Launching: Media Buying)

Key metrics, initial phases, launching, building audiences, and the foundations of scaling


(Data and Stats)

Budgets, testing, scaling, metrics, and consistent answers. Learn how to predict the future, and save a campaign all at the same time.



Build web-based domination for your clients or business.


(Multi-Platform: Google + Youtube™)

YouTube™ domination from start to finish. Learn how to siphon your budget and traffic from FB > YT, and how to maintain the performance on both as you scale campaigns.


(Multi-Platform: TikTok™)

Deploying everything you know about campaigns, copy, and marketing through the 3-phases on the newest marketing platform. This one’s a blue ocean, so make sure you get access to this.



Build on your foundations by working with our team through a series of stress tests to improve your performance. Here, we’re looking to put the wolf against the door and make sure you and your team are solidified in what it takes to be high performance marketers.

This Team Has Spent More Than $130 Million on Ads in the Last 5 Years. They Want to Help *YOU*

There’s more than 55 years combined direct marketing knowledge that’s about to be installed into YOUR brain. And right here, I want to show you the mentors, experts, and coaches you help you WIN:

Ashton Shanks

After managing over $100M in advertising spend for companies like Google, Dell,, Jay Shetty, Traffic & Funnels, Redline Steel, Tanner Chidester, Dan Henry, and many more, Ashton developed the nickname, “The Paid Traffic Savage.”

Isaac Tobelen

After surviving the crucible with Ashton as an intern at Traffic & Funnels, Isaac has worked alongside Ashton since day one at Hemon Media Group. Isaac oversees and manages over $1M per month in advertising spend. He’s our COO at Hemon Media.

Kristi Hoyer

Director of Operations
Kristi Hoyer serves as Hemon Media Group’s Director of Operations, dedicated to aiding partner communication and driving projects forward.

Jonathan Greene

Head Media Buying Coach
Jonathan Greene is a media buying "OG" - and in his career, he's spent over $50M in ads across Facebook™, Google™, YouTube™, TikTok™, and more. He is the Head Instructor of HemonX, responsible for training up the next generation of media buying savages. He's written three books, managed media for hundreds of brands, and is responsible for developing the "direct response conversion heuristic," which is a systematic approach to improving any conversion activity.

Lee Thompson

Head Copywriting Coach
Lee is a grizzled vet in the art of direct response persuasion, who’s a master at transferring the thoughts your market NEEDS to hear, onto a page for maximum response. He’s done this at every level of the funnel, and won in the most competitive environments a copywriter can face. He’s worked with everyone currently all over your newsfeed, and will produce hooks, ideas, and samples with you on call that will make your jaw hit the ground.

Forging Titan Marketers By Working With You From the Ground UP

HemonX isn’t a program. It’s a mission.

It’s marketing redefined in an industry focused on button pushing, algorithm-riding, and “strategies of the day.”

It’s about teaching you deployable marketing strategies that work fast whether it’s 2018, 2025, or 2030. Whether it’s iOS 14, 16, or 78. Or whether you’re operating on Facebook™ or TikTok™ platforms or not.

In 2021, I oversaw our team spending $35 million annually, at a return of 4.6x ROAS. And we lost only 7% of our clients. 

I can tell you two of those were because the businesses were sold - not our own failure.

We have a process here that is designed to turn push-button media buyers into savage marketers.


into writers...


into thinkers...


into strategists...


into outright leaders...

My Promise to You...

Whether it’s you or your team, you will walk away from this journey in 17 weeks time the sharpest you’ve been, the strongest (mentally and physically) you’ve been, and your results will be unlike anything you’ve experienced. 

Hold me to that, because I’ll guarantee your journey with us from start to finish. 

Just use the calendar below to schedule a free demo with our team, and work through how our M.A.D. principles and core material helps you build the ROI you demand:


Your Questions, Our Answers - The Full Scope:

What results should I myself expect to get?

Results vary based on your product/service as well the effort you yourself (or your team) puts in. Naturally not all results are typical from our students and clients. However we’re all about taking the guesswork and unpredictability out of high performance marketing. So get dedicated and get focused. The only path is forward.

How does HemonX work with teams?

Each of your media buyers will join us and work with us individually as part of YOUR operational goals. They will come through and have individual goals they’re hitting and maintaining as high performance marketers, however this will be tailored to your ultimate need as the business owner. Whether that’s increased performance, client management and ops, or simply building leaders.

Is this suitable for beginners/newbie media buyers?

YES. This systems works you from A-Z at an intense, and high level, tailored to the goals you originally set as you work through the program. Everything will be tailored directly to you and we will walk you through the entire process step by step.

Is this suitable for freelance media buyers?

It’s probably the greatest thing you could get your hands on because you get the purest signal, and NONE of the noise that accompanies the online marketing space. You’ll get straight to the core of what it takes to create, run, and manage successful ads. And as a freelancer, start attracting clients, retaining them, and earning HIGH margins as a solopreneur.

How Long Is HemonX again?

Your time with us will last 17 full weeks consisting of 4 live calls each week focusing on Q&A, media buying, copywriting, and CRO. You will have set goals that we help you accomplish so that your time with us is targeted and tailored for success.

Is your support ongoing?

HemonX is 17 weeks because when you run through the program in this timeframe and follow our principles, you will come out the other side full-stack. If you stick to your goals and the plan we set alongside you, that will happen, guaranteed. Afterwards, there is an extremely low cost option to continue with us. Honestly, criminally low.